These acronyms are the names of the laws that govern how and when companies can collect and use certain types of data. There are also laws that regulate how certain populations, like children, can be used for marketing purposes.

What (doesn’t) the current national privacy laws do

At the moment, privacy laws are a confusing jumble of many sectoral regulations. Amie Stepanovich, executive director of the Silicon Flatirons Center at Colorado Law, stated that historically, the US has a variety of inconsistent federal [and state] regulations. According to Stepanovich, “[they] either look at certain data categories, like credit data or health information, or look at specific populations, like children, and regulate within those areas.”

So, what is a public record?

A public record is a document that has been filed with an agency or office of the government. These records are made available to the public for inspection and copying. Public records can include birth certificates, marriage licenses, court filings, and property records.

Why do companies use public records?

There are many reasons why companies use public records. Public records can be used to verify information about a person or business. They can also be used to find information about a potential employee or tenant. Public records can also be used to find out if someone has been arrested or convicted of a crime. And they can be used to find out if someone is married or divorced. In addition, public records can be used to find out if someone has ever filed for bankruptcy. And they can also be used to find out if someone has ever filed a lawsuit against another person or company. All of these reasons are why companies use public records in 2023. They are important for businesses because they help them protect themselves from fraud and other types of crime. They also help businesses protect their customers and their own reputation. So, if you want to find out more about public records, check out this article on the subject: 

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