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All business must have a clear, orderly, and accessible database of all of its products. This is particularly true for online merchants who provide hundreds or even thousands of unique products. Klazify is a reliable content classification API.


It’s simple to lose track of your inventory and have problems with returns or customer support if you don’t have a good system in place.

The classification of content is one inventory management tactic. Content classification can assist customers in finding what they’re looking for by putting related products together. You can also use it to discover commodities that are in demand and promote them on your website.

Concurrent classification can be applied in many different contexts, such as:

For your product database’s organization
To assist clients in finding what they are seeking To pinpoint popular or trending products
to better serve customers
To increase effectiveness
To save money
for greater profitability


Why is it vital to classify products?

Product classification can assist you in a number of ways, including: – Increasing customer service by enticing customers to purchase your products;

– Increase sales by promoting and making it easier for customers to find the things they want.

– Increase profitability by guiding you in choosing the products to stock and the ones to sell less of or not at all.

– Reduce costs by making it easier for consumers to find the products they’re looking for and lowering the need for customer service.

What Is Text Classification?

Text classification is a process of assigning textual content to one or more predefined categories or tags. This can be done manually by humans or automatically by computers using artificial intelligence (AI).

How Can I Use It?

Text classification is useful for many applications, such as:

Automatically categorizing emails into different foldersOrganizing documents into appropriate foldersAutomatically classifying search queries into groups
You can try the best tool for text categorization in 2023: Klazify.

If you’re looking for a way to easily categorize your website’s content or your customer’s data then you should try Klazify. With this API you will be able to create as many categories you want and organize your information in the best way possible.

With Klazify you can also set up filter rules based on those categories so that your system will be able to automatically classify your information without any human intervention.
Klazify is ideal for those who want to organize their information in an efficient way so that they can provide better services or products based on user behavior. It can also be used by marketing companies who want to better understand their customers.
Klazify has been created with ease of use in mind so that anyone can use it without having to worry about programming skills. With Klazify you will be able to create as many categories as you want and then organize your information according to those categories.