If you are looking to incorporate a crime rates API into your next project then you are in luck. In this article we will go over the top 3 crime rates APIs that you can use in your work. So keep reading to find out more.

First off, what is an API? An API is an Application Programming Interface that allows two different programs to communicate with each other. This way, one program can request a service from the other program, and the other program can respond with the requested service. So in simple terms, an API is a bridge between two different systems.

APIs are at the heart of all digital systems, including those used by government agencies. APIs are critical in the development of online government services, they enable government agencies to share data with other government agencies, as well as the public and private sectors. They are employed in the development of applications that interact with data from other applications.

And now let’s talk about crime rates APIs. These are tools that allow you to get real-time information about crime rates in a certain area. This can include things like crime rates, types of crimes, and more. This information can be used for a variety of purposes such as security, research, and more. These can be used by law enforcement agencies, security companies, and even regular people who want to know more about crime in their area.

They can be used to retrieve crime data from one system and then send it to another system where users can view it. As a result, when it comes to a crime data API, your software will acquire crime-related data from a variety of reliable sources, as it will be delivered to you by another software.

Benefits Of Using A Crime Rate API.

  • APIs are simple to use. To implement one, no prior programming knowledge is required. All you need is a computer, a stable internet connection, and a reputable API provider to use one.
  • They offer both live and historical data. APIs update their information with new data on a regular basis, ensuring that you always have the most up-to-date information; they also store the information, allowing you to retrieve what has happened over time.
  • They provide accurate and dependable information. APIs obtain data from trustworthy sources. The information for APIs for crime data is gathered from several well-known security institutions.

Now that you know how a cime rate API works; let’s talk about the top 3 crime rates APIs that are available:

1-Crime Data By ZipCode API.

Crime Data By ZipCode API, can be found on the website of Zyla API Hub, a reputable API marketplace. Simply click the “Subscribe” button to create an account. You can select the plan you want to use right now. Fortunately, this API has a variety of fees as well as a no-cost trial option!

The Crime Data API is a great tool for getting real-time information about crime rates in the US. This API allows you to query data by city, state, or zip code; and it returns data on things like violent crimes, property crimes, and more. This API is perfect for anyone who needs real-time data on crime rates. This API is also great for anyone who needs to get this data for their next project. For example; if you’re creating a website that needs to display crime rates data; or if you’re creating an app that needs to get this data from users.

You can sign up for the Crime Rates API here.

2-Unlimited Criminal Checks.

Users of Unlimited Criminal Checks have access to criminal history databases from across the country. The Data Does It Offender APITrack from the company allows programmers and advertisers to access data from criminal courts, the Department of Corrections, sex offenders, current and historical white pages (great for skip tracking), and reverse mobile phone lookups.

The outcomes are provided in XML and JSON formats, as well as the street address, lat/lon, personal data, car information, and DMV information for both sex offenders from across the United States.


Numbeo is another great option if you’re looking for a crime rates API that covers more than just the US. This API provides data on things like safety, cost of living, and much more.

Numbeo provides data on cities all over the world so it’s great for anyone who needs to get global data on crime.