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The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is a standard format for identifying bank accounts across countries and currencies. It consists of a country code, two check digits, a national identifier, a branch identifier, and a bank account number. The country code is used to identify the country where the account is located. The national identifier is used to identify the bank and the account number. The branch identifier shows the branch where the account is located. And, finally, the bank account number identifies the account holder.

The IBAN helps to avoid mistakes in processing cross-border transactions. It also ensures that bank accounts are correctly identified and that no funds are transferred to the wrong account. Account validation or Instant Bank Verification is the process of verifying that the bank account number and account details are valid before a transaction is processed.

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Verifying bank account information can reassure customers that a merchant is reputable and their information is secure. Bank account verification can also prevent human error such as somebody inputting their bank account details incorrectly

How Can You Validate An IBAN?

An IBAN can be validated by using IBAN Validator API. This tool checks an IBAN to make sure it is formatted correctly and contains all necessary data. If any of this information is missing or incorrect, the API will return this error so that you can take action, to prevent fraud and avoid errors.

In addition, IBAN Validator API can also help you generate an IBAN for your bank accounts. This way, you’ll have all your information in order and ready to use!

So, if you’re looking for an easy-to-use tool that can help you validate your IBANs and generate new ones, we recommend using IBAN Validator API. This one is an online tool that can be found on Zyla API Hub and that has already proven itself to be effective and secure.

IBAN Validator API

Powered with AI and Deep Learning, IBAN Validator API is integrated with a suite of other APIs from the same provider: Bank Account Number API, Bank Account Validation API, Bank Account Verification API, BBAN Validator API, BIC Validation API, etc. These features will augment its efficiency and accuracy.

How To Use This Tool?

First of all, create an account at Zyla API Hub by clicking on the button “Subscribe” in order to start using this tool. Then, you’ll receive an individual API access key that will allow you to make API calls to any of the APIs available in Zyla API Hub; including IBAN Validator API. Second step: verify your API key by including your bearer token in the Authorization header. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to start making API calls. Third step: enter your bank account’s IBAN and then perform the API call. You’ll get all of this information by simply entering your bank account’s IBAN.

And that’s it there is to it! You’ll receive a response with all of your information ready to use.

Lastly, after making this request; wait for a few seconds and then check out the response from IBAN Validator API. It will provide you with all of your information you need!

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