If you want to learn how an API can help protect your customers from fraudulent transactions, read this article below

Fraud is the illegal use of credit card data without the knowledge of the actual cardholder. A stolen credit card/card number is often the cause of a fraudulent charge.

Nowadays it is something that we must beware of at all times. especially e-commerce must rely on this because it is very easy to use false or someone else’s data. Luckily we keep creating tools to avoid this. And this is where APIs come into play.

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 Fraudulent Transactions In The E-Commerce Industry

In essence, electronic commerce or E-Commerce is just the buying and selling of goods and services using the Internet, when you shop online. However, the term is often used to describe all of a seller’s efforts to sell products directly to consumers.

One of the industries that has had the greatest growth over the past few years is electronic commerce, or e-commerce. Yet, new security difficulties have also arisen as a result of this exponential expansion. By 2022, this industry will need to step up its efforts to safeguard both its clients and its employees.

One of the industries most vulnerable to internet fraud is e-commerce. One of the most frequent dangers to these kinds of organizations is chargebacks. This year, the industry must improve its systems for identifying this kind of threat and conduct joint analyses with other ecosystem players.

Use Credit Validator BIN checker API

To avoid this, you can easily incorporate this API that you will find in the ZylaLabs Hub.

This API is designed to help detect fraudulent credit card transactions. Start verifying, verifying, and validating all credit/debit card details using only the BIN number.

To get complete information, the user submits a credit/debit card (bank identification number) or IIN (issuer identification number). Enter the first 6 digits of the credit/debit card which is the BIN (Bank Identification Number) to get all information about this BIN/IIN in JSON format.

You will be informed about the validity period of the card, regardless of whether it is Visa or MasterCard, which bank issued the card, and where it was issued.

To use it, you must first:
1. Go to Credit Card Validator – BIN Checker API and click on the “Register for free” button to start using the API.
2- You will receive your personal API key after registering in the Zyla API Center – with this unique combination of numbers and letters, you will be able to use, connect to and manage the API!
3- Use different API endpoints depending on what you are looking for.
4- After providing the required endpoints, press the “Execute” button to make the API call and see the result on the screen.