Do you require the use of a free SIC code API to generate reports? In this post, we’ll show you how to achieve it using the API listed below.

The SIC code is a collection of three-letter acronyms used to identify a company’s industry. It is a categorization system used by businesses to identify their industries based on the sort of goods or services they offer. This code appears in financial statements, annual reports, and other corporate records. It is also utilized by financial organizations and investors to do market research.

Each SIC code represents a distinct industry and has a distinct meaning. The SIC code for the information technology industry, for example, is 5171, whereas the SIC code for the healthcare sector is 806. In this manner, if you are seeking a sector-specific report, you must enter the sector’s SIC code.

Make Use Of An API

To build a report using a certain SIC code, you must first be familiar with all of them. If you don’t have time to go through each one individually, you may utilize an API to automate the process. APIs are programming interfaces that allow different devices and software applications to communicate with one another. They can share data and make their own functions more powerful.

As a result, if you wish to generate reports with a certain SIC code, you should utilize an API that does this automatically. This implies that the API will look for all organizations in this category and provide their information to you so that you may include it in your report. As a result, we strongly advise using an API such as Get Company Data API.

Why Should You Get A Company Data API?

If you need to produce reports with a certain SIC code, Get Company Data API is one of the finest solutions. This is because it allows consumers to search for businesses based on a variety of factors, including their name, domain name, and IP address. Furthermore, this API will offer you complete information about each organization that it discovers. For example, the company’s name, industry, location, and website URL.

This implies you will be able to build reports not just with certain SIC codes, but also with any other sort of data accessible. For example, if you want to build reports about firms in Spain or companies in a certain industry in Spain, this API will make the process quick and easy.

How To Apply This

1- After registration on the Zyla Labs website, each user is granted a unique API access key, which allows them to access our API endpoint.
2- Use your bearer token in the Authorization header to authenticate with the Get Company Data API – US REST API.
3- To end, simply call and get all of the information you want about any organization.

All you have to do now is start creating reports using the Get Company Data API!

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