Are you looking for a tool to find out the location of any IP address? Then you’ve come to the right place. Read on to find out more about the top three APIs for IP geolocation

An IP address is a unique identifier that is assigned to each device that connects to the Internet. This is how your computer or mobile device is recognized by other computers and devices on the Internet. It is similar to a home address, except that it is assigned to a device rather than to a person or business.

Furthermore, an IP address can be used to determine the location of a device on a map. This is known as IP geolocation, and it can be used for security purposes or for determining the best location for a website. Furthermore, it can help you determine if an IP address is local or international, as well as which country an IP address is linked to.

There are many APIs available that allow you to determine the location of any IP address. These APIs use a database of IP addresses and associated information to determine the location of a particular IP address. They can also be used to determine the country, region, city, and more.



A client device or application (client-side) and an application or service can communicate using a geolocation API to determine and return data regarding the client’s geographic location (server-side). Geocoding can reveal more details about a place, including the time zone, currency, or nation.

It is employed when programmatic configuration of a web or mobile application is required based on the user’s location. Common uses include geotracking and real-time map navigation, offering contextually relevant adverts, implementing user security checks, and regionally specialized content.

Which Are The Best APIs For IP Geolocation?

Get Location From IP Address API is one of the most reliable APIs available today. This API allows you to obtain precise location data for any IP address in just a few seconds. It also supports all programming languages and is very simple to use.

 We’ll give you three choices right here:

IP Address Lookup and Geolocation API

You can quickly and simply find the location of an IP address with our IP Address Lookup and Geolocation API. Accurate geolocation data, including nation, area, city, postal code, and more, is provided via the API. effortless application integration.

You may quickly and simply locate an IP address using our IP Address Lookup and Geolocation API, which is a strong tool. The API offers a wealth of details about the IP address’s location, including the nation, area, city, postal code, and more. Numerous uses of this data are possible, including personalized content, fraud detection, and targeted advertising.

The API uses a variety of data sources, including IP address mapping, Wi-FI triangulation, and GPS, to deliver precise geolocation data. This guarantees that the data is as accurate as possible.

Whether your system is a standalone application, a website, or a mobile app, the API is simple to incorporate. It is accessible to developers of all skill levels because it is made to be user-friendly and simple to use. Through a straightforward API call, it is simple to integrate with any application, including websites, mobile apps, and server-side programs.

 Address Autocompletion API

The Address Autocomplete API is a useful resource for developers that need to create location-based services like address autocomplete fields. The API allows users to input a portion of an address into a search box and receive real-time suggestions for matched locations.

This can enhance the user experience by decreasing mistakes and speeding up the address entry process. The API supports worldwide addresses, making it a useful tool for multinational applications. The API is simple to use and simply requires the address or a portion of the address as an input.

The API offers suggestions in JSON format, making it simple to incorporate into a wide range of applications and systems.The Address Autocomplete API may be used for a number of things, including:

  • Address fields in forms are autocompleted.
  • Enhancing the customer experience
  • Error-reduction measures
  • Geolocation
  • Look for points of interest
  • Addressing confirmation
  • Support for international addresses

The Address Autocomplete API, with its strong features and simple interface, is a vital tool for any developer working with location-based services, geolocation, and addressing verification.

Lookup ASN API

Developers can obtain details about a particular Autonomous System Number (ASN), including the organization and Internet Service

Provider, using the ASN Lookup API (ISP). By using this API, connectivity problems can be fixed and the network origin of IP addresses can be determined. JSON-formatted data is returned via the API.

For developers who need to get details about a certain Autonomous System Number, the ASN Lookup API is a potent resource (ASN). A regional Internet registry, such as ARIN, RIPE, or APNIC, will give a network a special identification number known as an ASN. Developers can access this information using an IP address or ASN number and the ASN Lookup API returns information such as the associated company and Internet Service Provider (ISP).

The network origin of IP addresses can be determined using this API, among other things. This may be helpful in resolving connectivity problems, locating a network, and spotting potential security risks. Lookup ASN API can also be used to identify any upstream or downstream connections as well as learn more about a network’s size and scope.