In this article, we’ll give you a brief introduction to APIs and then tell you about three recently added APIs to Zyla Labs’ Marketplace that you should try.

To begin, an API marketplace allow API vendors to post APIs for developers to find. The marketplace also enables providers to commercialize their APIs, often through the creation of a subscription plan (or a variety of different subscription plans). Another significant advantage exists for suppliers that advertise their API on a marketplace.

The key to API markets is that they are essential for developing a successful API strategy. They link API providers with developers to guarantee APIs do what they were intended to do in the first place: encourage usage and integration into applications.

What Are APIs?

APIs are categorized based on their function, usage, and technology. On the basis of function, APIs are classified as:

  • Authentication APIs: These APIs help in authenticating users and keeping track of their online identities.

  • Data Exchange APIs: These APIs help in exchanging data between two or more systems.

  • Data Retrieval APIs: These APIs help in retrieving data from one or more databases.

  • User Interaction APIs: These APIs help in interacting with users through various channels such as chatbots, email, social media, and so on.

APIs are also categorized based on their usage. On the basis of usage, they are classified into the following categories:

  • APIs for Developers: These APIs are used by developers to create apps and software.
  • APIs for Data Providers: These APIs are used by data providers to share data with other developers or businesses.
  • APIs for Consumers: These APIs are used by consumers to access services or information from other apps or websites.
  • APIs for Integrators: These APIs are used by integrators to integrate apps or software with other apps or software.

Here is a list of recently added APIs to Zyla Labs’ Marketplace that you should try:

Site Traffic API

Users may use the Site Traffic API to find out where a system’s income comes from, as well as the sources and geography of that visitors. The Site Traffic API may be used to determine where the site’s traffic is originating from. It indicates that you can tell where the clients are located (by country), how many monthly visits they make, and the traffic generators (direct, social media, emails, etc). This API may also be used to evaluate the performance of your own page. One may watch user behaviour and make decisions based on the statistics obtained. The Site Traffic API allows access to search engine rankings as well as the net worth of a page.

Face Comparison Validator API

Face Comparison Validator API will be able to identify whether two photographs reflect the same person or not. The Face Comparison API may be used to assess whether two photos of the same person include identical characteristics. This type of Artificial Intelligence will allow you to analyze and determine whether the two photographs belong to the same person.


Clapicks’ technology allows you to classify your picture material instantly. Clapicks is a robust API for real-time picture categorization. This API is designed to assist businesses with categorizing and classifying images stored in their databases. This API is a bundle of picture comprehension and analysis technologies that are accessible as a web application that enable